Executive coaching, in an organisational setting, requires practical knowledge and skills, which is what The Confidante offers in our program. Using a realistic and hands-on approach, you will find it easy to apply your newly-improved proficiency to everyday work situation. 

What You Can Expect

Our program is designed for top executives and middle management who would like to take their career to a whole new level. Participants of our program will benefit from our many areas of expertise

With The Confidante’s team of experienced executive coaches guiding you through the Executive Coaching program, you are sure to achieve the following benefits:

  1. – Develop your people development skills
  2. – Build a positive and enduring relationship within the organisation
  3. – Improve personal performance as well as that of the team, organisation and business
  4. – Empower yourself by learning efficient delegation techniques
  5. – Improve your strategic thinking and decision making
  6. – Develop sound conflict management skills
  7. – Learn to navigate organisational politics
  8. – Develop increased personal authority and confidence
  9. – Take your career to the next level and your next potential
  10. – Increase your level of self-awareness
  11. – Improve your listening, communication and influencing